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Minimixer MX-2



Minimixer MX-2 is used to fiting the microphone signal. It is useful in situations where there is only one microphone cable, and you need two microphones. The MX-2 has two symmetrical inputs with switchable phantom power and adjustable sensitivity.
Minimixer has a symmetrical output, which we combine into one microphone channel with phantom power (for right function you need a microphone channel with phantom power). You can use condenser, dynamic and wireless microphones.

Block diagram MX-2


Technical data MX-2

Input level -20dB
Nonlinear distortion [%] 0,05
Frequency response [Hz] 20 - 20 000
Adjustable gain level [mV] 0 -100
Number of sockets XLR 2
Dimensions (height / width / depth) [mm] 85x85x25
Weight [g] 240